Bart with a painting of the Piushaven, location: The city Tilburg in the Netherlands

Bart van Wolde (1979-2023),  is a Dutch artist and engineer. He created this website to show his paintings and digital art. The digital art is drawn/designed using the computer.  The artworks are axonometric drawings with optical illusions such as the impossible triangle, the infinite stairway and other impossible figures.  They are created with computer programs, namely a CAD program for drawing the lines a photo editor for coloring and various filter and script applications for certain visual alterations. The viewer can walk up or down the circulations. Besides digital art, also his paintings and some musical compositions can be explored here.


‘Opposider B’


Bart van Wolde – Piushaven 11.2022 – olieverf op linnen – prijs op aanvraag


Other links

Websites of my grandparents, Annemarie and Joop van Wolde, who were also artists:

Atelier van Wolde